Founded in 2018, Augie’s Bookshelf Publishing Company is known as the company with the most exclusive publishing process.

What do we do? We take your book and turn it into a masterpiece.

We strive to make sure that every single client that signs with us is 100% happy. We are a traditional publishing company, so that means we do not ask you for any money- ever.

Our publishing company holds books events, book signings, and more. We also send your book out to huge bookstores and local bookstores to ensure maximum exposure for your work.

You want to work with a publishing company that truly cares about your dreams in making it as a writer, and that’s where we come in.

Our team reads through thousands of manuscripts. Among this huge amount of submitted works, we only choose six to publish for the next calendar year. Why do we do this? Because our main focus is our authors. We make sure that the book we are marketing gets 100% attention, and we are able to do that by publishing only six books per year.

It is our goal as a publishing company to publish authors who may have not been recognized before.

Each year we publish a poetry anthology of the best poets on Instagram. We are so honored to publish this book to help spread the word about amazing poets who deserve to be published. For our latest poetry book, please click here. Our call for submissions for the next book will be in August of 2019.

How can you submit your manuscript for review?

Fill out our contact form and then send us your manuscript. It’s as simple as that. We are currently accepting unsolicited manuscript submissions.

Please allow up to three months for a reply.



We are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts in the following categories:

  • Historical Fiction

  • Non-Fiction

  • Memoirs

  • Thriller

  • Literary Fiction

  • Young Adult Fiction



Our Founder

Molly Wolchansky is the founder and chief of Augie’s Bookshelf. She has her degree in English from The University of Texas, and she has been published in literary journals, magazines, and anthologies. She published her first book at the age of eighteen, and she started writing at the age of thirteen. She is also a top editor and has copy edited a multitude of successful novels. Her plays have been produced in accredited theaters, and when she’s not writing, she loves reading, cooking, and going to the dog park. She created her company in hopes to help amazing writers who may have not been recognized as of yet by the general public. Augie’s Bookshelf publishes three books per year, and her company pays one of the highest compensations in the industry to her published authors. The company only publishes three authors per year in order to focus all their marketing efforts on these special people. In addition to the three novels, Augie’s Bookshelf will also be publishing a yearly poetry anthology with winners of an annual contest. These poets are some of the BEST poets on Instagram, and it is her goal to help the careers of those who deserve to shine in the spotlight.





Augie is the German Shepherd of the founder, Molly, and he is the official mascot for the company. He is two years old and he attended Off Leash Canine School where he received his degree in obedience.



Molly Wolchansky

Founder | Copy Editor

Molly Wolchansky is the founder and creator of Augie's Bookshelf. She holds a bachelor's degree from The University of Texas in English. She started her career as a teenager writing stage plays.