Not sure what gift to give the book lover in your life? Here are Augie’s picks for the best literary gifts of 2018:


These literary candles found on Uncommon Goods bring fictional worlds into your very living room. These candles come in scents such as Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, and more.

$16 each, and can be found here.


You can’t go wrong gifting this adjustable and handmade book lover ring. The best part- this ring looks super expensive but it is WAY affordable.

$16 each, and can be found here.


Okay, not going to lie- this is pretty freaking cool. This scratch-off poster consists of 100 MUST READ books. Whenever you are finished with a book on the poster, just scratch away to reveal a sweet picture. I have this and I LOVE it.

$15 each, and can be found here. 


If you want to go for something quaint, cute, and easy to transport, go for these handmade knitted mitten bookmarks. Super unique and you can never have too many bookmarks TBH.

Prices start at $21, and can be found here. 


I couldn’t in my right mind write a blog about book gifts and not include something Harry Potter related. Definitely haven’t seen anything like this before. If you know a reader who also loves to cook, get them this HP rolling pin.

Prices start at $24.99, and can be found here.


I might have to buy this after I’m finished writing this blog. This Etsy shop makes customized book planters. All you have to do is make arrangements about which books you would like to use, and the shop handles the rest. WOW!

Prices start at $39.00, and can be found here.


My Modern Met has some of the coolest gifts ever, so finding this amazing book purse on the website didn’t surprise me. Perfect gift for a classic literature fan.

$ 78 each, and can be found here. 


This gift would be fantastic for a friend. It’s totally retro and totally cute, and if your friend loves drinking coffee, they’re sure to bring this out every morning.

$ 15 each, and can be found here.


Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Check out Book of the month Club. Each month the subscriber gets to choose from 5 books and have one shipped to them for their reading pleasure. I am a member of this club and I LOVE IT. Many of the books haven’t even been widely released yet, so that’s pretty darn cool.

$ 15/month, and can be found here.


This is pretty funny, and it’s a pretty sweet gift for the book nerd/craft person. Make paper dolls of some of the most famous authors! I mean, who wouldn’t want this?

$ 12.95 each, and can be found here.


Need a reading light in the shape of a book? Yeah! It exists! Choose from a ton of different styles. This light is so unique that I swear ANY reader will LOVE it.

$ 41.26 (for a limited time only), and can be found here.


For the book and music connoisseur, you should probably give them these record bookends. They are actually REAL records that have been recycled, so each book end is totally unique.

$ 40, and can be found here.


Can you say freaking cool? This shop has book sleeves of many different designs and colors. The purpose of a book sleeve is to protect the book you are reading without messing up that pretty cover. Definitely need a few of these.

$ 17.00, and can be found here. 


Some people don’t care much for e-books, and I didn’t used to either until I got my Kindle. I have access to thousands of books, and the battery lasts for weeks which makes it a MUST HAVE for travel.

Starting at $79.99, and can be found here.


I know what you’re thinking: WHY are you posting tea? This Etsy shop handcrafts literary themed teas. They have Great Gatsby Tea, Pride and Prejudice Tea, Sherlock Holmes Tea, and more!

Starting at $2.75, and can be found here.


Here’s a gratitude journal that I think everyone should have. Each day of the week comes with a quote or prompt, or even both. This is a great journal for the writer who is wanting to get back into the habit of writing every day.

$ 10.91, and can be found here.


This is one of those things that you didn’t even know you wanted until you saw it. This Etsy shop creates handmade stamps that you can personalize with a name or signature. This is so great for readers who want to claim their books! (I mean, who doesn’t?)

Starting at $16.96, and can be found here.


Idefinitely have to include this piece of jewelry in my gift collection. This shop owner creates handmade necklaces from vintage book pages. Seriously- how cool is this?

Starting at $19.99, and can be found here.


This handmade item completely won me over. Guess what this is? A book wallet! This shop has SO MANY WALLETS TO CHOOSE FROM and SO MANY DIFFERENT BOOKS TO CHOOSE FROM that I now feel like I need ten different wallets.

$ 18.75, and can be found here.


You know what this is? This is a one-minute gratitude journal. All you have to do is spend a minute per day mapping out what you’re thankful for. I have this myself, and it is something that I completely adore.

$ 6.29, and can be found here.


Any tea drinkers out there? This is a book shaped tea infuser gift set that comes with a book with tips for tea making and recipes. Super cute.

$ 9.95, and can be found here.