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Latest publication- And we all breathe the same air: A POETRY ANTHOLOGY

This poetry anthology includes an outstanding collection of poets we found directly through Instagram. 
Thousands submitted. 
54 poets chosen. 
These are their poems. 

This new book delves into the world of poetry, uncovering some of the best poets to be found on social media. Augie’s Bookshelf Publishing Company undertook a mission that no other publishing company has ever carried out.



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What's so great about going on a blind date with a book? SO MUCH. When you receive your package, your book will come wrapped in brown paper with clues on the front. Try to guess the book before you open it! Open it right then, or save it for a rainy day. Also makes a great gift!


About Us

Augie’s Bookshelf Publishing Company loves their authors. We are a traditional publishing company, which means you pay nothing to us to become published. If we like your manuscript, then we will take care of everything. From editing to marketing to book signings to publishing, we handle it all. Augie’s Bookshelf Publishing Company is currently accepting unsolicited manuscript submissions.


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